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Thank you for renewing your ICBC Autoplan with B&W Insurance

As your trusted broker, we’d like to remind you to read over your policy declaration, including the vehicle use, territory, drivers, and coverages purchased, to prevent any potential uninsured claims.

Third Party Liability
ICBC offers Third Party Liability coverage, up to $5 million in coverage. As of May 2021, British Columbia has moved to Enhanced Care which is a “No-Fault” system. Liability coverage still needs to be purchased to protect you from paying out of pocket in certain situations such as off-highway, out-of-province claims, and non-vehicle property damage.

Income-Top Up
ICBC offers an Income Replacement Benefit. Enhanced Care will cover 90% of your gross net income, up to $100,000 ($1,200 max/week). Should you require a higher limit, you have the option to purchase up to $100,000 for an additional premium.

Ride Sharing
Is your vehicle used for a ride-sharing or Transportation Network Service? Your ICBC coverage may need to be reviewed. Please contact us for more information.

Hit and Run Coverage
If you do NOT carry Collision coverage, you may wish to add “Hit and Run” Coverage. This will protect your vehicle against damage caused by a hit and run, and includes a $750 deductible (in BC only).

Who Drives Your Vehicle?
It is imperative to list all household drivers and employees as drivers on your policy. If an unlisted driver causes a crash in your car, you could face a one-time penalty unless you have the Unlisted Drivers Protection coverage. UDP protects you from the financial consequence should an occasional driver (not listed) cause a crash in your car.

What is Unlisted Driver Protection?
Unlisted Driver Protection does NOT cover drivers with no license, household members, employees, a person who regularly drives your car more than 12 days in the 12 months prior to the crash, or someone who had a crash in any of your vehicles in the last 5 years.

Use of Your Vehicle
The rate class of your vehicle describes how you “use or operate” your vehicle. Please ensure your operations match your rate class. Remember to update this throughout the year if the use of your vehicle should change.

Where is Your Vehicle?
The location of your vehicle is listed on your policy and is determined by where your vehicle is parked primarily during the policy term. Please confirm the location is current and updated.